Quality Re-Certifications for Volt and Fulfilling Potential for Belinda!

It's all good news here at Volt this week as we celebrate not only our successful transition to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, but also congratulate Belinda Hart on the expansion of her duties to include the role of Quality Manager within her remit.

Congratulations, Belinda!

Belinda croppedBelinda has been with Volt for 21 years, as Executive Assistant to Richard Herring, Volt’s Managing Director, and Julie Smith, Operations Director – VCG EMEA.

Belinda cites the variety of her role, coupled with the work/life balance that Volt provides and the great people she works with as what makes Volt her Employer of Choice.  

During her time with Volt, though her title has remained the same, Belinda’s role has evolved and changed to cover a multitude of different tasks and responsibilities. The role of an Executive Assistant is often misunderstood, but in reality can encompass everything from making a cup of tea to running a project team!   Involvement in a variety of projects across the business over the last 20 years has provided Belinda with a broad overview of the business as a whole and strong insights into each individual business unit and division.

In addition to her role as Executive Assistant, Belinda has also served Volt as an Internal Auditor for many years, helping us to maintain compliance and ensure that we’re adhering to all of the rules and requirements we need to in order to provide the exemplary service of which we are so proud.  This has proved very valuable as she moves into the role of Quality Manager. 

We’d all like to say a very big thank you to Tina Hook, who previously oversaw our Quality Compliance initiatives alongside her role as Head of Project Management Office and did a fantastic job, and who also helped Belinda immensely as she prepared to take on her new role.  


Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015

As one of the very first recruitment companies in the UK to achieve Quality certification back in 1993, remaining compliant with Quality Regulations is extremely important to us at Volt, both in pursuit of our personal goals of excellent service, and to ensure that we provide a recognised standard of service for our clients’ and candidates’ sakes.

Volt’s Quality Management System (QMS) is integral to ensuring that customer satisfaction is constantly measured whilst identifying any need for changes to our processes and encouraging process improvement from within Volt.

We ensure compliance through a number of initiatives:

Quality Procedures that all staff work in adherence with: these are reviewed and updated as necessary.

Surveys to clients & candidates for which feedback is tracked and actions implemented as appropriate.

Monthly meetings to review QMS with Managing Director.

Internal audits to ensure our procedures remain up to date, are being adhered to and are compliant with the needs of our ISO accreditation.

Annual external audits.

Re-certification every 3 years.


Remaining complaint with Quality Regulations, and ensuring the very highest quality service for all of our clients and candidates, is of paramount importance to us here at Volt, and we are always very glad to receive feedback – both positive and constructive!


If you should have any feedback on the quality of Volt’s service, then please feel free to email Belinda at belinda.hart@volt.eu.com.