The first successes of the inaugural Volt Recruitment Training Programme: Becca D!

At Volt one of our most prized values is the fulfilment of potential and so today we’re celebrating one of our own recruiters for taking a great leap towards fulfilling her own. 

Becca D.

Becca Dalton is one of our inaugural group of trainees, who began their training course in November and finished in late December. Becca joined our Information Technology Recruitment team in Redhill and is being mentored by our Recruitment Team Manager, Geoff King. 

In her very first few weeks on her new desk, Becca has made her very first placement! She says she wasn’t even interested in trying out other industries when she graduated from her training course – she was too excited to get started in IT, specifically software development! Her interest in the sector and the jobs she’s recruiting for is apparent, and she’s looking forward to learning more. We love to encourage this in our consultants because a recruiter who’s passionate about their market is one who will better understand the roles they recruit for, the businesses they work with, and the people they’re looking for. 

Becca says she enjoyed the training course, although there was a lot of information to absorb for someone new to recruitment and IT, and that the most valuable part, for her, was the buddy system. Being paired with various experienced consultants over the course of the program gave our trainees the opportunity to observe and learn from someone who knows what to look for and how to go about the search. Becca found the guidance in how to talk to candidates – and what to talk to them about! – one of the most helpful aspects. She’s learned that sometimes it’s all about knowing which questions to ask, and observing the experienced recruiters gave our trainees the opportunity to see all of their classroom learning in action.
Becca is focusing especially on recruiting developers, particularly those with expertise in Java, C#, C++ software, UI/UX developers and ASP.NET software engineers – so if you fit the bill and you’re looking for a new opportunity – get in touch with Becca today at or on +44 1737 236 793 and be her next placement!



If you’re interested in joining the team here at Volt, get in touch! 


We’re looking for all experienced recruiters, from resourcers to principal consultants, and we’re planning another Trainee Program later in the year too – there’s never been a better time to join Volt!
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