Welcome to Volt to our newest team-members

Last month our numbers grew by five in the Redhill office as we were joined by our inaugural batch of recruitment trainees! 


Last year our colleagues in Belgium trialled this program to great success, coaching enthusiastic, fresh and brand new recruiters to be the best at what they do – and they’ve done it three times now! This year, we’re taking a leaf from their book and beginning our own program as we welcome five new team-members to the Volt team in Redhill. 

Our in-house Employee Development team have worked closely with subject matter experts within our existing recruitment teams to put together a program (a mix of theory and practical application) that will provide the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that our recruitment trainees will require in order to be successful. The trainees spend 3 intensive weeks in the classroom followed by a further 9 weeks of putting the theory into practice. Five ‘buddies’ have been selected from amongst our existing Staffing team to mentor our new trainees, and these buddies have been rotating amongst the trainees every three days to give the most rounded and complete training experience possible. This rotation provides our trainees with maximum exposure to different markets and a taste for our different industries, as well as the opportunity to absorb best practices from our mentors. This group of trainers and ‘buddies’ alone have more than 70 years’ experience in the industry between them!


So who are they? We’d like to introduce you to our new recruits!

UK 2017 Trainees
Left to right: Charlie Bird, James Hearne, Becca Dalton, Ottilia Molnar, Anne Zoledziejewski 


Charlie Bird joins us from a background in personal training in the leisure sector, and he’s “enjoying [the training] more than he expected”. He says “it’s fun – when you’re having fun it’s not really like work” – and we couldn’t come up with a better recommendation ourselves!

Becca was team leader at Wickes before deciding to change it all up and start her career in Recruitment. She says she’s found the atmosphere at Volt “friendly and welcoming”, which is exactly what we like to hear!

Anne has a little recruitment experience in the fashion industry, and, like Becca, says that it’s the people at Volt she is most enamoured of.

Ottilia has left the cruise ship industry to join our merry team, while James comes to us from studying at university, and customer service experience too.

In the past we have tended towards primarily experienced hires. We have selected this group of trainees based not on whether they have a degree or experience in recruitment, but on whether they have the right attitude and key skills to succeed in our industry, with the right training and mentoring. We feel that individuals are more than simply the qualifications on their CV, and it is our great hope that this new direction will allow us to discover more, and more varied, potential than we might have otherwise.


This notion has served us well so far, as our trainees have joined us with little-to-no preconceptions about recruitment and the industries within which we work, and are eager to learn more! Anne, for example, came to us thinking she might be interested in Information Technology recruitment, but through the training has come to realise she’s actually more interested in recruiting for the Life Sciences industry. Conversely, Charlie has had the opposite experience – he thought he wanted to recruit for Life Sciences and now finds that he’s interested in IT!

Some of our trainees come to us with family and friends in the recruitment business, which piqued their interest. Others are just eager to try something new and rewarding! Anne says she’s particularly interested in recruiting with Volt because here she has the option to specialise in Resourcing – lots of recruitment agencies see Resourcing as a stepping stone to 360 recruitment, but we believe that Resourcing is a skill set in itself, and some people are really good at it – they should be able to specialise in what they’re great at, rather than being pushed into a new track that they don’t want to pursue!


We’re very excited to begin this new phase of investment and business growth, and look forward to watching the growth and success of our new colleagues – please join us in welcoming them as they begin their new journey with us here at Volt!


If you’d like to know more about our Trainee Programs, or if you’re interested in a career in Recruitment and wish to learn more, please get in touch with Geoff King on 01737 774100 or by emailing geoff.king@volt.eu.com.