Bake it Better 2017: GOSH Charity Fundraiser 22-28th May

Charitable endeavours are close to our hearts here at Volt and today we got our stomachs involved too by taking part in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity’s fabulously tasty fundraiser Bake It Better.

Staff from across our Redhill office took part by providing delicious baked goods for the sale and dipping into their piggy banks to purchase a tasty snack.


The fundraiser, held across the UK from 22-28th May with the support of businesses, schools and other organisations, is aimed at improving the lives of seriously ill children at Great Ormond Street Hospital by providing much-needed funds to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS trust leads the UK in caring for sick and terminally ill children, with an amazing range of specialists working together to advance childrens’ medicine and care. Together with the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, they comprise the largest centre for paediatric research outside the United States and play a vital role in training and educating children’s health specialists for the future.

As well as funding care and research, the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s charity also provides family support programs to the families of affected children, as well as providing the latest medical equipment and essential redevelopment to the hospital itself. In addition, it has launched a five-year strategy to support research into some of the most serious and complex childhood diseases. The largest dedicated funder of paediatric research in the UK, the GOSH Charity is entirely funded through the generosity of supporter donations, and needs our help to continue their good work.


If you’d like to get involved with the GOSH Bake It Better Event, it’s not too late – the event runs all week, so bake some cakes, sell them to your friends and colleagues and simply donate the proceeds to the GOSH Charity. They’ve even got some celebrity recipes to get you inspired – check them out here!

It doesn’t matter how much you are able to raise – whether it’s £20 or £200, or even more, every little helps. GOSH have provided a few examples of what your pennies and pounds can provide to the kids and families in their care:

  • £44 could cover the cost of one night’s stay in the family accommodations, allowing parents to stay nearby and give their child the support they need.
  • £81 could cover the cost of one of the members of the ‘Play’ team for a day. The Play team are vital in helping to ensure that a child’s experience of the hospital is as stress-free as possible.
  • £250 could help scientists at the hospital discover new ways to treat children with complex heart conditions, for example.

Well done and a huge thanks to Debbie, our Receptionist and Administrator here at Volt, who organised this very worthwhile event for us, as well as all the highly talented bakers who provided the delicious treats – our stomachs thank you!

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