Topic: On the Job

30 Years in the Recruitment Industry – So what’s changed?

Richard Herring, Managing Director of Volt in Europe and Asia, gives his personal account of his time in the recruitment industry, reflecting on the changes he has seen and the reason he has enjoyed 30 years in recruitment.

What Does it Take to be a Great Recruiter? 12 Considerations

How can you become a great recruiter? There's no magic formula, but there are certain elements to being a great recruiter that you should pay attention to.

Global Recruitment: What are the Challenges?

Whilst it's work to be proud of, managing recruitment on a global scale comes with its challenges. Read on for what they are and how they can be overcome.

How a Work from Home Policy Affects Recruitment

Can the ability to work from home aid employee retention and broaden talent pools in recruitment? We examine if there's a relationship between the three.

Working in Recruitment and HR: My Journey

Working in a HR role within recruitment has its perks - in this post Jocelyne explains why it appealed to her, and how she got to where she is today.

Overcoming New Job Nerves: My Personal Advice

Take it from someone who's been there: no matter how many jobs you've had, starting a new one is tough. Read my advice on how to handle the pressure.

Understanding the Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist

You may have heard of the title 'Citizen Data Scientist' - but what does this title mean? What does the role entail? Rodrigo Sosa explains the origins.

Finding Happiness in Recruitment

It's often said that recruitment is a challenging yet rewarding industry to work in - but how do you find happiness when faced with such challenges?

A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant

What does a day in the life a Recruitment Consultant look like? Well, we asked one of our own to give us an overview - what's it like Chloe?

Are Apprenticeships the Solution to Skill Shortages?

Apprenticeships are often undervalued, considering what they can provide to businesses and young individuals alike; Colin Trussler investigates why.

Staying Organised and Being Efficient at Work

Organisation and efficiency can make the difference between a stress-free, productive day at work, or a pressure-filled, aimless day in the office.

How to Resign Gracefully: 6 Useful Pointers

Handing in your notice can be - let's face it - just plain awkward. It doesn't have to be though; read our six pointers on how to do it gracefully.

Why Choose a Career in Recruitment?

There's a lot of negative press around taking up a career in the recruitment industry; Will Dennis explains why the positives outweigh the negatives.