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30 Years in the Recruitment Industry – So what’s changed?

Richard Herring, Managing Director of Volt in Europe and Asia, gives his personal account of his time in the recruitment industry, reflecting on the changes he has seen and the reason he has enjoyed 30 years in recruitment.

Welcome to Volt to our newest team-members

Last month our numbers grew by five in the Redhill office as we were joined by our inaugural batch of recruitment trainees!   Last year our colleagues in Belgium trialled this program to great success, coaching enthusiastic, fresh and brand new recruiters to be the best at what they do – and they’ve done it three times now! This year, we’re taking a leaf from their book and beginning our own program as we welcome five new team-members to the Volt team in Redhill.    

What are the Challenges Involved in Becoming a Program Manager?

Considering a career as a Program Manager for a MSP provider? We spoke to one of our Program Managers to get an honest insight into what the role's like.

What are the Pros and Cons of Working in the Recruitment Industry?

We've all heard stories of what it's like to work in the recruitment industry, but what are the facts? What are the pros & cons of working in recruitment?

What Does it Take to be a Great Recruiter? 12 Considerations

How can you become a great recruiter? There's no magic formula, but there are certain elements to being a great recruiter that you should pay attention to.

Global Recruitment: What are the Challenges?

Whilst it's work to be proud of, managing recruitment on a global scale comes with its challenges. Read on for what they are and how they can be overcome.

10 Top Traits of Successful Recruitment Consultants

What are the common personality traits amongst the best recruitment consultants? Having met and worked with many, Will Dennis gives the low down.

How Has the Recruitment Industry Evolved?

Recruitment has almost completely changed since it's initial inception; Jackie recaps the key developments in the evolution of the industry.