• Volt has a history of success with clients who face challenges in maintaining a competitive edge through the people they recruit.  Read what our clients have to say about Volt:

    "Having dealt with 6 other agencies for this role, Volt excelled over the competition."

    "I was originally using a specialist recruitment agency to fulfil my requirements. However, the standard and appropriateness of candidates offered by Volt was far better and led to a successful placement to the detriment of the specialist agency."

    "Over the past two years, our business has established a close collaboration with Volt for the permanent recruitment of a wide range of profiles: Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, ICT, Supply Chain, Customer Service... Thanks to several successful recruitments, Volt has now become one of our preferred suppliers. Looking back at their successful recruitments, we notice that Volt has been of added value for us in several domains.

    We highly appreciate Volt’s level of professionalism, flexibility and enthusiasm in finding the best candidates for our organisation's needs. The consultants and manager at Volt always seek an in-depth understanding of the position and the required profile, and they ensure a swift and proactive follow-up of their candidates. Thanks to their knowledge and understanding of our company and values, they succeed in finding candidates who fit our company remarkably well."

    "I really enjoyed working with the Volt team, they were not pushy or annoying as I have found other agency's to be. They listened to what we were looking for and trusted that I would come back with feedback as soon as I had it."

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