• Operational Excellence (OPEX)

    OPEX aims to deliver sustained improvements in processes, customer satisfaction and staff motivation. We have deep experience in leading OPEX programmes as either line or change managers to deliver significant sustained improvements in the systems supporting R&D delivery. These sustained improvements have been achieved across life sciences R&D, operations, supply chain and commercial from shop floor to board room. Our services are scalable to your needs from 1:1 coaching, team or business unit performance improvement through to organisational turn around.

    Process optimisation -  Operational Excellence and sustained improvement: Waste elimination; Efficiency / Yield step changes; Increase staff satisfaction through greater motivation and engagement in owning and sustaining improvements; Increase market share through higher customer satisfaction; Increase share price through higher investor satisfaction.

    Lean management – collaborative problem solving coaching: Identify current issues, wastes and work with you to build future state from the perspective of the customers and investors; Set up measures for critical tasks, business units and base line current performance; Agree, plan and implement changes and track changes; Agree and build reviews –A3 learning-into current meetings and roles to sustain changes

    Critical Review of project plans – Lean and risk to deliver, turn around project delivery: Review current project performance, objectives, plans, risks, processes and climate and  performance; Recommend options for improvements; Local, hands on coaching and support to deliver and sustain delivery.

    Operational Excellence (OPEX) Brochure

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