• Pharmaceutical Science / CMC

    In a highly regulated world where quality has never been more important, pharmaceutical science ensures that the right drug dosage in the highest quality products are delivered to every patient – every time! In this light VPA provides the following services:

    CMC Strategy and Panning: Overall CMC strategy including QbD as required; synthetic development & bulk supply strategy; formulation development and formulation strategy; analytical method development and validation strategy including analytical QbD;

    Process Improvement: Review & Analysis of current processes; Quality by design / Right first time, Change management / implementation; Learning and organisational development synergy, Metrics for measuring improvements.

    Outsource Strategy & Management: Choosing CRO / CMO: Capability audits & Quality audits; Monitoring and controlling outsource contracts.

    Tech Transfer support: Process & Analytical

    Pharm Sci Portfolio Review: Support for internal review of projects; Support for developing understanding and managing priorities; Keeping projects on track to meet goals

    Supply chain logistics: Pharmacy strategy; Packing and distribution advice

    Pharmaceutical Science (PHARM SCI) Brochure

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