• Product Opportunity Evaluation and Maximisation (POEM)

    For assets in the preclinical to Phase 2 space evaluating the opportunity and planning the best development path to patient and market becomes a priority. The POEM group can help to maximise the value of assets by providing an integrated view of the therapeutic area landscape, the competition, the development options and challenges, the regulatory path, and commercial considerations and risks. Additionally for those looking to acquire or licence assets we can provide Due Diligence services with full valuation, deal terms, and legal and IP guidance. 

    POEM Categories

    Evaluation of opportunity landscape:

    • Investors looking for deals & partnerships
    • Owners with assets under development
    • Owners looking to attract funding

    Assessment and development planning of early stage assets:

    • Integrated Product Development services
    • Target product profile planning, including disease area and patient population selection
    • Path to market planning for assets in Pre-clinical to Phase 2b phases
    • Commercial viability and valuation for assets
    • Business case development for assets to attract funding

    Due Diligence services:

    • Asset Due Diligence
    • Data Due Diligence
    • Independent guidance on deal terms and valuation
    • Independent guidance on asset health

    POEM Services - We are experts in:

    • Commercial assessment and valuation of biopharmaceutical assets
    • Product development strategy, planning and execution
    • Regulatory strategy and intelligence services
    • Health authority/agency consulting, advisory and liaison
    • Clinical trial applications (INDs, CTAs)
    • Regulatory submissions
    • Clinical and nonclinical development consulting
    • Therapeutic area & competitor intelligence
    • Legal compliance audit of research data
    • Financial analysis and deal terms for licensing and acquisition
    • Statistics & data analytics

    Clients: We help clients by tailoring industry best practice to individual needs:

    Investment looking for opportunities

    • Scientific/technical, clinical, commercial, legal, patent, regulatory and financial advice
    • Early stage asset evaluation and optimisation for disease area, target product profile and path to patient/market
    • Early stage commercial evaluation
    • Selection of opportunities across disease areas, mechanisms and technologies
    • Custom built portfolio with appraisal of risk, timing of exits and likely value
    • Asset exit (sale) strategy
    • Full or partial Due Diligence service to support acquisitions and licensing

    Academic spinouts, start-ups, owners of IP

    • Building of business case for asset/technology/IP/operational integrity to attract investment
    • Specific input to business case, e.g. market potential, pricing, legal, commercial transparency, exit strategy, financial issues
    • Targeting and approaching of funding groups

    Groups owning assets under development

    • Expert advice for specific questions
    • Monitoring of existing portfolio to sharpen investment
    • Unbiased "reality check" on attractiveness of continued asset development
    • "Clean teams" for large Pharma groups with internal data confidentiality issues

    Product Opportunity Evaluation and Maximisation (POEM) Brochure

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