• Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) Services

    VPA P3M services can help clients make the right project and portfolio decisions in a constantly changing market place, and then to execute more effectively through proven approaches and tools as well as hands on facilitation. Our approach encompasses organisational needs as well as market dynamics for increased revenues, reduced costs, reduced time to commercialisation, and increased probability of success in delivering drugs to patients and meeting organisational goals.

    Delivering value from your portfolio:

    • Design and embed integrated P3M approaches, processes and capabilities;

    • Build and sustain effective project teams; Enable more effective and efficient decision making at all levels.

    Project, programme and portfolio strategy and optimisation:

    • Establishing a company’s strategic direction and specifying the actions required immediately and in future to maintain that direction;

    • Portfolio selection and prioritisation;

    • Defining and evaluating strategies & options for individual projects, programmes or portfolios to optimise value delivered;

    • Project, programme & portfolio modelling approaches & tools to support decision making;

     P3M process and practice diagnostic:

    • Provide an independent, impartial, objective view of organisational capabilities in view of meeting current and future business needs

    • Provide interim solutions for bridging gaps in resources and skills whilst change is taking place.

    Project, programme and portfolio performance improvement


    Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) Brochure

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